Hi, I'm Bethany. I'm a fifteen-year-old intersectional feminist, student, and pun-maker. I write for Cambio, and I'm trying to raise $240 for the San Diego LGBT pride parade.

Get ready -- I tell stories the way Ted from How I Met Your Mother tells them.

When I was ten, I wrote a book called The Eiffel Tower's Daughter with the help of my fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Hill. I credit this as the reason why I love writing as much as I do today. Before the book, I never even considered writing anything but poetry.

I've had blogs since I was in third grade, but I've never stayed with one. None of them felt right. I had at least more than 5 book blogs, although I did stay with one for a while, called Bookablog, and several other random ones. There was one year in middle school I almost regularly posted on Bookablog, but I stopped posting there after a while, too. But when I was around thirteen, I decided to start again under a blog named Misinterpreted and Unrepresented. Let's call it M+U for short. It's a mouthful, I know. I had created the blog to share my short stories, and Misinterpreted represented how my stories are often misunderstood and Unrepresented represented how I didn't have an agent. A year later, I decided to shorten the name to Miss Unrep (for obvious reasons).

I'm not quite sure how the change happened, but Miss Unrep started becoming more personal. It's gone from a place to share short stories, from sharing Polyvore sets, to my personal stories and occasionally other people's. At the end of the day, this is my personal blog. You never really know what you'll find here. As I change, the blog changes.

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  1. Lol, I love Ella Enchanted too! I began reading it when I was younger, but I still read it now despite it being a 'children's book'. It was one of the best fairy tales of all time. I also read a few of her other books, but Ella Enchanted was the best to me!